Commencement for the academic year 2018-2019 will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2019, with Class Day activities on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. Commencement Day activities include ceremonies in Harvard Yard and at the GSD, and the Harvard Commencement Address. Class Day activities at the GSD include class photos and ceremony rehearsal for graduates中, AwaRDs Ceremony and Class Day Address, and a reception for graduates 和 their guests.

If you have a question about Commencement, please contact Erica George中, GSD Commencement cooRDinator. You may also wish to view the university-wide Commencement site.


Graduates will each receive a small number of tickets for Commencement Day events to distribute to their guests, for activities including the morning ceremony in Harvard Yard中, GSD diploma ceremony, 和 the afternoon address in Harvard YaRD. Each graduate will receive two guest tickets for Commencement Day events in Harvard YaRD. 该se Harvard YaRD all-day tickets will be for both the morning ceremony 和 the afternoon exercises. GSD graduates will also receive three guest tickets for the GSD Diploma Ceremony.

Graduates will not need tickets for themselves for any Commencement ceremonies. For both the morning ceremony 和 afternoon exercises in Harvard YaRD, graduates will use their credentials for access; credentials will be distributed at the GSD on Commencement morning. GSD graduates will not need tickets to process into the GSD diploma ceremony.

Graduates will each receive a ticket for their own meal at the GSD Commencement Lunch, 和 can purchase additional meal tickets for their guests.

Graduates received information about reserving guest tickets for ceremonies 和 meals 通过 email.

Note that there will be opportunities for guests without tickets to participate in activities, including all GSD Class Day events and live broadcasts of ticketed events on Commencement Day to the GSD's Piper Auditorium. 该re will be standing room access to the GSD Diploma Ceremony available for guests without tickets as space permits, once ticketed guests have entered. While the morning ceremony in Harvard Yard is limited to graduates 和 their ticketed guests, all members of the Harvard community with an active HUID card are welcome to attend the Commencement Day afternoon exercises in Harvard YaRD. No tickets are required for any of the GSD's Class Day activities.

GSD Class Day Exercises中, Harvard YaRD morning ceremony中, GSD Diploma Ceremony, 和 the HarvaRD Commencement Address will be broadcast live online, allowing family 和 friends around the world to share in the celebration. (Note that the pages linked here will not show embedded webcasts until shortly before those events begin.)

Special Accommodations 和 Guests with Disabilities

If a graduate or guest has a disability, or requires special accommodations in oRDer to fully participate in Commencement activities, please contact Erica George to request accommodations. If your guest will be attending the morning ceremony or afternoon address in Harvard YaRD, you may also wish to view the university-wide Commencement website's information page for guests with disabilities. To trade regular YaRD tickets for accessible section tickets, you must email Erica in advance.

Schedule Overview

Class Day – Wednesday, May 29

  • 10:00 am – 2:00 pm: Class photos 和 ceremony rehearsal for graduates, 通过 department/program:
    10:00 am: Architecture
    10:45 am: L和scape Architecture
    11:30 pm: Urban Planning 和 Design
    12:15 pm: MDes
    12:45 pm: MDE, DDes
  • 3:30 pm: GSD AwaRDs Ceremony 和 Class Day Address 通过 Teju Cole; Gund Hall back yaRD tent (no tickets required; seating opens at 3:00)
  • 5:00 pm: Reception for graduates 和 their guests; Gund Hall (no tickets required)

Commencement Day – Thursday, May 30

  • 6:45 am: Harvard YaRD gates open to ticketed guests. Guests are requested to be seated 通过 8:15 am. Plan time to stand on line 和 to have your bags searched; view the YaRD bag policy here (scroll down). Also note that strollers will be allowed into the Old YaRD, but not into Tercentenary 该atre proper.
  • 7:00 am: Continental breakfast available at GSD for graduates 和 guests; Gund Hall (no tickets required)
  • 7:30 am: Graduates line up outside Gund 和 (at about 7:45 am) process to Harvard YaRD
  • 8:50 am: Academic Procession into Tercentenary 该atre
  • 9:45 am: Commencement Morning Ceremony begins (tickets required)
  • 10:30am: Gund Hall back yaRD tent opens to ticketed guests for GSD Diploma Ceremony
  • 11:30 am: Commencement Morning Ceremony ends
  • Approximately 12 noon: GSD Diploma Ceremony (follows Harvard Yard ceremony; tickets required until st和ing room opens, weather permitting); Gund Hall back yaRD tent
  • Approximately 1:30 pm: GSD lunch for graduates 和 guests (immediately follows GSD Diploma Ceremony; tickets required); Gund Hall
  • 2:30 pm: HarvaRD 校友 Association meeting 和 Commencement Address 通过 Angela Merkel in Harvard YaRD (tickets required; bag 和 stroller policies same as for morning)

Please note that some ceremonies and meals are ticketed events. Graduates will receive information about tickets for themselves 和 their guests for all events requiring tickets.

Additional Information

Other activities

Optional during Commencement Week are several special affinity group celebrations, which are student-organized, including Harvard Black Graduation 和 HarvaRD Latinx Graduation.

HarvaRD Black Graduation 2019 “Unapologetically Black 和 Brilliant”:
Tuesday, May 28, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Advance registration required.

HarvaRD Latinx Graduation 2019:
Tuesday, May 28, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Advance registration required. Additional information available on the LatinX Graduation websiteFacebook page.

Invitation Letters for International Guests

Some international guests may require tourist visas in oRDer to enter the United States to attend Commencement. The GSD can provide an official letter of invitation addressed to the United States consulate in the guest's country, which guests can use to support their visa applications. Please note that an official letter of invitation from the GSD does not guarantee a guest a ticket to attend any specific graduation ceremonies or events. 该 GSD cannot provide formal graduation announcement letters. Graduates should request guest visa support letters early, as soon as they realize a guest will need one. Many consulates have lengthy visa application processes.

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visa support request form.


Graduates' Regalia
Harvard requires all graduates to wear official regalia (cap 和 gown) in order to participate in Commencement. 该 deadline to order regalia was April 3, 2019. If you are no longer graduating or attending Commencement this year, regalia oRDer cancellations will receive a full refund up until the day before Commencement (May 29). If you missed the regalia oRDering deadline, you will be able to go to the Harvard COOP and get your regalia. Note that you will be charged an additional late fee 和 that you may not have an optimal selection of sizes. Graduates must show their Harvard ID caRD at regalia pickup.

Regalia Pickup:
该 HarvaRD Square COOP
1400 Massachusetts Ave, 3RD floor Textbook Department
May 23 to May 30
Mon – Sat 9 am to 9 pm
Sun – 10 am to 7 pm
On Thursday, May 30, 该 COOP will OPEN at 6:15 am for regalia pick-up.

Graduate regalia questions? contact

Faculty Regalia
Faculty are required to wear regalia to participate in the GSD Diploma Ceremony and to participate in the faculty procession into the Harvard Yard morning ceremony (note that spots in the Yard procession are reserved for ladder faculty, are extremely limited, 和 must be requested in advance). Faculty orders are coordinated through the GSD Commencement cooRDinator. Senior faculty may wish to purchase regalia for ongoing use; for information, please contact Erica George.


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该 university Commencement office has also created a list of some near通过 hotels, which may be helpful in your planning.

Student Orations Competition

One of the oldest 和 most cherished traditions of the Morning Exercises of Commencement is the Orations Competition in which three students chosen 通过 a panel of judges deliver an address from memory. Each year, one of these three students is a representative of one of HarvaRD's graduate 和 professional schools. Graduating students interested in applying to delivery the graduate student address will find information on the university Commencement website in the spring.

Future Years

If you are planning ahead for a future HarvaRD Commencement中,se are the dates for the next several years:

2020: Thursday, May 28 (Commencement); Wednesday, May 27 (Class Day)
2021: Thursday, May 27 (Commencement); Wednesday, May 26 (Class Day)
2022: Thursday, May 26 (Commencement); Wednesday, May 25 (Class Day)
2023: Thursday, May 25 (Commencement); Wednesday, May 24 (Class Day)
2024: Thursday, May 23 (Commencement); Wednesday, May 22 (Class Day)
2025: Thursday, May 29 (Commencement); Wednesday, May 28 (Class Day)
2026: Thursday, May 28 (Commencement); Wednesday, May 27 (Class Day)

Note that in 2020, 2025, 和 2026, Commencement occurs during the same week as the Memorial Day holiday.

Future graduates planning ahead for 2020 和 beyond may want to note that starting in 2020中, MIT Commencement ceremonies will take place the day after HarvaRD's. This will increase an already high demand for lodging, and we encourage graduates 和 guests to think ahead as early as possible.

What's 下一个?

校友 engagement

After Commencement, graduates become part of the worldwide HarvaRD community of alumni. 校友 are encouraged to register to maintain their connections with classmates 和 professional contacts. To learn more, see the GSD 校友 Resources page, 和 the HarvaRD 校友 Association website.

校友 can also continue to access some aspects of HarvaRD's libraries, both in-person 和 online. 该 Frances Loeb Library has a page with information on library use for GSD alumni.


GSD graduates and their families are invited to purchase their class photo, 和 photos of the diploma ceremony, through our partner Commencement 相片, Inc. Graduates receive a unique ID number 通过 email in May. To request this number be re-sent to you after Commencement, email or call 978-851-5924.

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Erica George.